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This section documents Administrators work in ALTR. Administrators are users of ALTR's platform.

About Administrators

Administrators are managed on the Administrators page of ALTR's UI, SettingsAdministrators. On this page, users can:

  • See a list of all administrators who have access to an ALTR Organization.

  • Invite new Administrators to an Organization.

  • Deactivate Administrator accounts from an Organization.

  • Edit existing Administrator accounts.

Administrator Fields

ALTR manages a variety of information on Administrator accounts, including:

  • First Name. This is used cosmetically in the ALTR platform.

  • Last Name. This is used cosmetically in the ALTR platform.

  • Username. This is the identifier administrators use to log into ALTR. Once a username is created, it cannot be changed without contacting

  • Email. This is the email address associated with the administrator. ALTR uses this email address to send notifications and perform account operations, such as resetting passwords.

  • Phone Number. Phone number is optional and only used for SMS-based two-factor authentication.

  • Role. This indicates the level of access an Administrator has to the ALTR platform.

  • Status. This indicates if an administrator has activated their account as well as the last time they logged into the ALTR platform.

Administrator Roles

An administrator's role indicates what level of access they have to an ALTR Organization and impacts how a given account can be managed. ALTR has two different Administrator roles:

  • Administrator. Users with the Administrator can perform most actions in ALTR, such as configuring data sources, connecting columns, and configuring security policies.

  • Super Administrator. Users with the Super Administrator role have the same privileges as the Administrator role, but can also configure SSO, SCIM, and API keys. Additionally, users with the Super Administrator role can only be deactivated by contacting ALTR Support.


    When a Super Administrator creates an API key, all actions performed by that API key will be associated with that Super Administrator's account.