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ALTR's APIs enable you to customize, automate, and integrate key parts of the ALTR platform. ALTR exposes multiple APIs for configuration, data management, and tokenization. ALTR's APIs use HTTP Basic Authentication, where the username is an API key name and the password is an API key secret. API keys are managed on the API section of ALTR, SettingsPreferencesAPI.

Management API (MAPI)

The Management API controls the configuration of most ALTR functionality, including settings, administrator management, data source connections, and policy. Information on specific Management API endpoints can be found in the OpenAPI Specification.

Datastore Information Service API (DIS)

The Datastore Information API manages key information around metadata and classification. This API can be used to trigger data classifications, access classification results, and manage information on ALTR tags. Information on specific Datastore Information API endpoints can be found in the OpenAPI Specification.

Tag Masking API

The Tag Masking API manages access control of Snowflake Object Tags. This API can be used to connect, remove, and modify connections of Snowflake Object Tags to ALTR. Information on specific endpoints can be found in the OpenAPI Specification.

Vaulted Tokenization API

The Vaulted Tokenization API allows customers to tokenize and detokenize sensitive data using a PCI-compliant and highly scalable tokenization platform. This platform is suitable for both On-Line-Analytical-Processing (OLAP) and On-Line-Transactional-Processing (OLTP) workloads with minimal overhead. Information on specific Vaulted Tokenization endpoints can be found in the OpenAPI Specification (Note: there are network restrictions on the Vaulted Tokenization API and OpenAPI Specifications. Contact ALTR Support for help accessing these endpoints).


Access to the Vaulted Tokenization APIs and OpenAPI Specification is restricted. You must have access to ALTR Tokenization to access these endpoints and documentation. For help, contact ALTR Support.