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Data Access History Import

ALTR is able to retroactively import previous data access information to better understand which actors are accessing what data. This feature is enabled per data source. When first activated, ALTR will acquire the previous 30 days worth of access history for all columns in the database. Access will report data included in result sets as well as data accessed to execute a query, such as the contents of a JOIN or WHERE clause. Once an import has finished, it will be available in the next day's Data Usage Analytics heatmap visualization.

Data Access History Import is currently only available for Snowflake connections. It pulls information from Snowflake's ACCESS HISTORY view. For more information on how ALTR integrates with Snowflake, see ALTR's Snowflake Documentation. Activating this feature will increase the Snowflake Warehouse usage of ALTR's Snowflake Service User. The length of time the warehouse is activated will depend on the amount of data present in Snowflake's ACCESS HISTORY view.

To enable Data Access History Import, toggle Import Data Usage History when connecting or editing a data source.