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Data Usage Analytics

ALTR enables users to visualize and analyze data access through the Data Usage Analytics module. This tool provides a variety of visualizations and drill downs enabling ALTR administrators to understand exactly how sensitive data is accessed in their connected data sources.

To access Data Usage Analytics, navigate to the Analytics page in ALTR. If access data is available, this page will display a heatmap-style visualization of data access from your source systems. You can click into this vsualization to see further detail on exactly which users are accessing data and which data are being accessed.

There are two ways ALTR sources access information for Data Usage Analytics:

  • ALTR records data access every time a query is subject to ALTR's access control or database activity monitoring.

  • ALTR imports all data access for a particular data source through the Data Access History Import feature.

Data Usage Analytics is refreshed daily near 3:00AM UTC. Information on data accessed during a given day is available in the following day's Data Usage Analytics report. Data remains on the Data Usage Analytics report for up to 30 days.