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Tableau Integration

ALTR integrates with Tableau to provide user and session-level visibility into queries originating from the Tableau platform. This information can then be analyzed in Data Usage Analytics, recorded in the Query Log, and exported to third party tools.

Tableau can be configured to work with ALTR on the following platforms:

  • Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Server

  • Tableau Online

ALTR's Tableau integration works by Tableau executing Initial SQL every time Tableau connects to a database. This records the user and session information from Tableau, which is then ingested by ALTR when queries execute.

Configuring Tableau to Integrate with ALTR

To make Tableau user information visible to ALTR:

  1. Navigate to the Tableau workbook you wish to connect.

  2. Select the Edit icon on the toolbar.

  3. From the Web Editing menu, select the desired data sourcefrom the Data Menu and then Edit Data Source.

  4. Ensure the Data Source in the lower left corner of the window is selected.

  5. Select the carrot on the right of the data source block, then select Initial SQL.

  6. Enter the following SQL Statement:

    set altruser  = [TableauServerUser]
  7. Click Sign In to accept the edits and then the FileSave menu item to save the workbook