Setup Historical Usage Analytics, Classification and Data Tags

Data classification & tags

Data tags are created when data is classified with ALTR’s built-in integrations. Columns are automatically tagged based on the results of a classification report. Tags created by ALTR have the key “ALTR_Classification” and a value corresponding to the classification. Columns that are classified as multiple different classifications will be associated with multiple different data tags. We leverage Google DLP, Snowflake classification & object tags to classify your data.

Google DLP: Classifies your data and provides tags based on the information in your database columns.

Snowflake native classification: ALTR classifies data using Snowflake Classification, automatically generates Objects Tags in Snowflake, and ingests all Snowflake Object Tags into ALTR.

Object tags: ALTR ingests the object tags you have defined in Snowflake, but does not classify your data.

If you are an existing user who wants to setup Analytics Usage History and/or Object Tags please update your Snowflake stored procedures with ALTR. Here's how:

1. You will need to update your ALTR’s stored procedure in Snowflake as the Account Admin, copy and paste the below statement into your worksheet and press ‘run’.

Copy Stored Procedure

2. Copy & paste the below CALL statement into your Snowflake Worksheet and press the “Run” button to invoke the procedure.

Copy Call Statement
Note:  If you signed up on or before February 2022 and your usage history is not showing up Analytics, we recommend re-running this code in Snowflake. Please change <ROLE_NAME> to the appropriate Service Account username. This code will set you up with the correct permissions for this feature.
Copy Code Snippet

When Adding New Databases in the ALTR Platform

This guide will walk you through how to setup data usage analytics and data tags to get the most out of your data when connecting a new database.

1.  Log into ALTR's portal

2.  Go to Data Configuration > Data Sources > Add new

3.  Connect the data source you will be using on Snowflake  

4. On the bottom right check ‘Import Data Usage History’ & 'Tag Data by Classification'. Specify which tags you want to import from the drop down menu.

5.  You’ve successfully added data usage history & data tags in ALTR. Expect to see results in 24 hours.

When Working With Already Connected Snowflake Databases

The onboarding experience released in April 2022 will not have this option on the ‘Select Database’ page. You would need to manually check this option for existing databases by using Edit Data Sources form for each database you would like to see your usage history & import data tags.

1.  Go to Data Configuration >Data Sources

2.   Edit the Data Sources form > Check ‘Import Data Usage History’ & 'Tag data by classification'

In addition, this path is for those who:

o  Would like to bring in usage history & data tags but forgot to check the box when they initially connected their database.

o  SPC users who selected up to 25 databases during their onboarding experience. Each database will need to be selected individually.

o  30 days are up, and you need a fresh import of data usage history. In this case, you can unselect ‘Add Data Usage History’ >update > reselect the checkbox.

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