Create Policy & Manage Data

Use data policy tools such as Locks, Thresholds, and the Classification Report to govern and protect the sensitive information stored in the columns you have added in the platform. If you have not added a data source click here to learn how.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to add & remove columns for governance
  • How to create a Lock
  • How to create a Threshold
  • how to add data using the Classification Report

Add & remove columns for governance

To add columns and remove columns visit Create Policy and Manage Data.

Create a Lock

By creating a lock you can control which user groups have access to and can run queries on sensitive columns. These columns can be shown based on your specific masking policies.

Note: Masking polices can be applied to columns defined as strings, numbers, dates, and times values.

To create a Lock click here.

Create a Threshold

By adding and applying thresholds to locks, data can be dynamically restricted or blocked based on specific rules. When a threshold rule is exceeded, an anomaly is created.

To create a Threshold click here.

Add Data from the Classification Report

Utilize the Classification Report in order to add data into ALTR.

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