Data Management & Classification Report

Data Management is broken down into two sections: All Data page, and the Classification Report page. When you add data from the all data page or the classification report, we will audit every time someone queries your data. You can also use locks to control access and mask data. The classification report creates a high-level overview visualization of the sensitive data in your database and filters by different classifiers. A classification report is generated for each connected database you choose to classify with ALTR.  

Adding & removing columns for governance

To add columns:

  1. Go to Data configuration → Data Management → Add New
  2. In the ‘Add Data’ pane select the data source, table, column and add a nickname to the data you would like to govern.
  3. Click ‘Add Data’ when finished. The columns will be added.

To remove columns:

  1. Click on the column you would like to remove.
  2. At the bottom of the ‘Edit Data’ pane, click ‘Stop Governing data’.
  3. Click confirm on the popup window. columns will be removed.

Adding data from the classification report

  1. Go to Data Configuration > Data Management > Classification Report
  2. Click on the classifier name in the drop down menu, or click directly on the classifier shown in the bar graph.
  3. Select the column of data you would like to be added to ALTR.
  4. Click on the 'Add Data' button.

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