Audit Logs

Audit logs provide you with visibility to monitor your data. Our two methods for auditing activity are: Systems Audit & Query Log.

Systems Audit

Systems audit is an internal facing method that allows you to audit all activity by all accounts present on a particular organization in ALTR.

This feature shows you who made the action, when it was enacted and where the action was made. Actions such as adding data sources, changing settings, setting up, changing and responding to data policy, and others will show up here. You can organize new and old logs by marking them as read.

Query Log

The query log is the external facing method that includes data that has been added to ALTR from connected data sources and applications. Actions such as what query was sent, when it was sent, and where it was sent from.

You can filter through queries by the following:

Time Window

Specific Application

Tagged Queries

Specific Columns

Query type

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