Use Data Usage Analytics to uncover patterns and extract valuable insights. Analytics enhances the creation of accurate and informed governance policies by providing you the visualizations of which groups/roles are accessing which columns or tags of data.

We provide visibility into data usage to help you understand what policy you should set to monitor your data, the usage heatmap monitors, how your data flows through your Snowflake database. When you hover over the heatmap you can see the total number of values accessed by your assigned user groups in the columns you are governing. You also have the ability to drill down and view a more granular level of what data is accessed by your specific users, users groups, and data types.

Drill-down option allows you to see a breakdown of analytics per user.
Note:  Data Analytics are only available for customers using Snowflake Cloud Integration. It is not available for customers using JDBC and ODBC drivers.

Historical Usage Analytics

We leverage Snowflake's Access History & Query History features to show you your organization's usage trends. Once you check  ‘Add Data Usage Analytics’ when connecting your data source. From there your query history will sync on a daily basis. You will begin to see query history from the last 30 days on all columns in your connected database, showing you who is accessing what data within your database. Helping you make informed decisions based on your organization's activity.

If you would like to see data usage history for a database you have already connected to ALTR,  check the usage analytics box.



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