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Tagging Snowflake Databases and Warehouses

ALTR tags Snowflake Databases and Warehouses to easily indicate which objects are protected by ALTR's data security platform. This enables customers to easily identify any gaps in coverage and triage any support issues.

What are Snowflake Object Tags?

Snowflake Object Tags are metadata that can be set on any Snowflake object such as a database, column, table, warehouse, user, or role. Object tags are key-value pairs which Snowflake calls the “Tag Name” and “Tag Value”. Object tags have a variety of uses, logically grouping similar items such as business units, centers, or data classification.

How ALTR Tags Databases and Warehouses

ALTR creates a custom Snowflake Object Tag, 'ALTR_GOVERNED' in PC_ALTR_DB the when a data source connection check is run. This occurs automatically when a data sources is first connected and recurs every 24 hours. If the tag does not exist, it will be recreated and reassigned to all databases and warehouses visible to ALTR's service user. If PC_ALTR_DB does not exist, the tag is not created.

PC_ALTR_DB is automatically created if you signed up for ALTR from Snowflake Partner Connect. If PC_ALTR_DB does not exist in your Snowflake account, ALTR recommends manually creating it to ensure proper tagging. To do so, create PC_ALTR_DB, execute ALTR's Stored Procedure to ensure the Service User can access the database, and manually trigger a data source status check to for ALTR to create the tag.

If the ALTR_GOVERNED tag is manually removed but PC_ALTR_DB still exists, then ALTR_GOVERNED will be automatically recreated and tagged during the next connection check.