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This section documents the behavior of Organizations in ALTR. Organizations are tenants in ALTR's SaaS platform.

About Organizations

ALTR is a multi-tenant SaaS platform. To ensure segregation of customer information, each ALTR tenant is logically separated into units called "Organizations". Organizations have a unique identifier used when logging into and using the organization. A single customer may choose to leverage multiple separate ALTR organizations to logically organize their use of ALTR across different platforms or accounts.

Information on a given organization can be found on the Organization Settings page in ALTR's UI, SettingsPreferencesOrganization. From this page users can see or edit a variety of settings, including:

  • Organiztion ID. This is a unique identifier for an organization. This ID is also used in the subdomain used to access the ALTR UI.

  • Snowflake Partner Connect Settings. If an organization was created from Snowflake Partner Connect, these settings can be used to update that configuration.

  • Organization Name. This is a non-unique cosmetic identifier for an organization.

  • Registered Domains. This list limits the email address domains that can be used when inviting ALTR Administrators. To update this list, contact ALTR Support.

  • Allowed Two-Factor Authentication Settings. This setting limits which mechanisms ALTR administrators can use for Two-Factor Authentication. This setting is disabled if Single Sign-On is enabled.

  • Amazon S3 Audit Log Integration. This setting configures the S3 location for ALTR to send audit logs.