CDM Installation


The Client Database Manager (CDM) serves as a bridge between ALTR and your databases, allowing you to choose which data to govern and protect through the ALTR platform. The CDM is only required for ALTR Enterprise Plus customers using a Smart Driver or Proxy. The following information will walk you through the process of installing it on a host machine.

Provided Resources

ALTR will provide the following resources to install the CDM:

  • URL to download the CDM archive
  • URL for the CDM Server (the server-side component of the CDM)
  • URL for the Data Gateway (which controls registration and data access requests)
  • CDM archive hash
  • CDM Docker bundle hash
  • Docker run command

Host Machine Prerequisites

Before the CDM can be installed, the host machine must meet the following requirements:

  • Docker installed -
  • Network access to your database
  • Access to the provided URLs for the CDM Server and Data Gateway
  • JDBC driver JAR file(s) for the types of databases you use. The files must be stored in a directory that has read access permissions for the user who will start the Docker container.

Installing the CDM on Linux

  1. Launch the Linux terminal.
  2. Start the Docker service if it's not already running.
    systemctl start docker
  3. Download the CDM archive from the provided download URL.wget
  4. Compare the CDM archive hash to the provided hash.
  5. Extract the CDM archive.
    o For .tgz: tar -xf
    o For .zip: unzip
  6. Compare the CDM Docker bundle hash to the provided hash.
  7. Load the Docker image.
    docker load -i
  8. Run the Docker image.

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